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Separatista Project Homepage

Separatista is an effort to create a toolbox for creating and editing SEPA documents. MT940 structured documents are supported too, but these are not part of the SEPA specification.

Open Source

Separatista is a free and open source project, released under the GNU Public Licence Version 3


The current toolbox consists of the following libraries:

  • libmt940s A library for reading MT940 structured documents.
  • Separatista Library A library for creating, reading and writing SEPA documents.
  • Separatista COM Control A Microsoft Windows COM control for creating, reading and writing SEPA documents. This allows Separatista to easilly integrate into Microsoft Office.


Documentation is now live, checkout:

Project source code

Separatista is written in C++. The source code is hosted on GitHub. The repository is found at:
There's a SourceForge project page also:


Download Windows 32 bits Separatista COM Control installer here


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