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Separatista Project Homepage

Separatista is an effort to create a toolbox for creating and editing SEPA documents. Currently only CustomerDirectDebit documents are supported. MT940 structured documents are supported too, but these are not part of the SEPA specification.


The current toolbox consists of the following libraries:

  • libmt940s A library for reading MT940 structured documents.
  • Separatista Library A library for creating, reading and writing SEPA documents.
  • Separatista COM Control A Microsoft Windows COM control for creating, reading and writing SEPA documents. This allows Separatista to easilly integrate into Microsoft Office.

Project source code

Separatista is written in C++. The source code is hosted on GitHub. The repository is found at:


Download Windows 32 bits Separatista COM Control installer here (1.65 MiB, 4y ago, 406 downloads)


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