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 +=== Currently supported documents ===
 +The Separatista C++ library currently supports these SEPA document types:
 +  * CAMT:​053:​001:​02 BankToCustomerStatementV02
 +  * PAIN:​001:​001:​03 CustomerCreditTransferInitiationV03
 +  * PAIN:​008:​001:​02 CustomerDirectDebitInitiationV02 ​
 +=== Adding custom documents ===
 +Support for other SEPA documents should be easy to add to the library. You add the XML schema to the schema directory in the Separatista root folder. Include it in the windows resource definition file (win32/​Separatista/​Separatista.rc) and XSLT transform the XSD schema into a seperate .cpp and .h file using the corresponding XML stylesheets found in the stylesheet folder. Then the new document type has to be registered in the DocumentRegistry class: [[https://​​zwartetoorts/​separatista/​blob/​9fd67aa093cc4f0ed48e51db6fbdd7e763ad4864/​lib/​separatista/​documentregistry.cpp#​L32|View Github source]]
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